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Thinking of Selling Your Woodie?


You may have noticed that we are active buyers and sellers of woodies. We have been for the past few years. Since we started Woodies USA our goal has been to satisfy both buyers and sellers. To date, we can proudly say we have over 300+ woodies sold!


Whether you have one, two or ten woodies we will likely pay you more for your woodie than if you try to sell it on the open market - with none of the inherent hassles involved in selling a car yourself.


You won't have to place ads, field the "tire kicker" calls, or have to wait for people to "maybe" show up.


Best of all...

you'll spare yourself the time and frustration of the process.



No Games. No Funny Stuff!


One of the best ways to find out how a person does business is to check references. Ask the tough questions. When you check us out, you'll find we handle all transactions in an honest, confidential and straightforward manner.


To get the ball rolling,  just mail or e-mail some good photos of your woodie(s).

Please include your name, address, telephone number(s) and the price. An honest description of the woodie will be helpful.


When taking pictures be sure to include interior, exterior, the wood, dash, inside the car, engine compartment, and anything else you want to include.


More is better!



We Take Care of All the Details


Once agreement is reached for the sale of your woodie(s), we take care of everything, including arranging for transporting your woodie. It won't leave your possession until you receive your funds. It's painless. Ask those who've done it.

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